Application Areas

Large diameter steel tube. Application areas

Large diameter steel tube has a very wide range of applications and there are reasons for this. But first about why pipes of steel are popular.

Steel is one of the most durable materials. It is an alloy of iron and carbon with the addition of other chemical elements that give the steel certain properties. Another valuable quality of steel is its plasticity. These properties have made it an ideal material for the production of pipes. And low cost and durability have made pipes one of the most sought-after products of metallurgy.

Application areas:

  • construction: as an element of the foundations of bridges, port and noise barriers, in the construction of roads, tunnels, for strengthening trenches, and so on
  • the industry: in all industries where large quantities of liquids and gases have to be moved. Including, chemically active and under high-pressure
  • mechanical engineering: production of large parts and connections
  • shipbuilding: as technical elements and parts on ships
  • installation of communication: the creation of heating systems, wells, drainage, sewerage, water pipes and other pipelines with high throughput parameters
  • oil and gas industry: laying of main pipelines of oil and gas, equipment of wells, creation of production facilities. This is the main area of use of pipes with a large cross-section

Further information on the applications of large diameter steel tubes can be found in these articles: noise protection wall, forestry and road construction, civil engineering.

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