New steel pipes with certificate / first choice steel pipes

Only new steel pipes / first choice steel pipes

Only new steel pipes with a certificate or in another way first-choice steel pipes! If you are looking for such pipes, then you are in luck! You got to the manufacturer of large steel pipes without intermediaries.

For the first some information about new pipes. In modern construction, due to the strict requirements for materials, only new steel pipes with a certificate / first choice steel pipes are permitted for use in most cases. In their turn, the manufacturer’s quality certificate ensures that all standards and norms have been adhered to during pipe production. After all production control takes place from the time of acceptance of the steel sheet in the warehouse to the time of the last inspection of the finished pipe. For this reason, each stage of production has certain quality control. The new steel pipes with a certificate / first choice steel pipes are manufactured according to the standard dimensions. Thus the planners can choose the optimum diameter and wall thickness during the design phase. If you buy such a product, you can be sure that the material corresponds to the statics of the project and has a certified quality. Send us your inquiries for new pipes!

But if the requirements of your project involve the use of used steel pipes or second choice pipes, that’s mandatory consideration of this option and save your budget.

The production program of new steel pipes / first choice steel pipes

Diameter: from 500 mm to 2400 mm.

Wall thickness: from (5) 6 mm to 20 mm.

Production type: submerged arc longitudinally welded.

Technical terms of delivery and dimensions: EN 10219-1, 2.

Dimension Standard & Static Values: EN 10219-1, 2.

Mill test certificate 3.1: EN 10204.

Materials / steel grades: S235, S355.

Table in PDF format with the basic parameters of our pipes: diameter, wall thickness and weight of the running meter.


With us, you do not have to take care of the delivery. We deliver our products directly to your warehouse or construction site throughout Europe. You ordered we delivered!

So, if you need new longitudinally welded steel pipes with a certificate, then you have come to the right place at SH Imex. Please send us your request by e-mail to the address info(at) or sit down with us in connection by phone +48 575 819 954. We respond quickly and to every inquiry!

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