Steel culvert pipe

Steel culvert pipe

Are you looking for a steel culvert pipe for forestry and road construction? Do you need used steel pipes or are you looking for new ones according to EN 10219-1,2, maybe welded large pipes made to order individual or standard size? Then SH Imex is the right company for you!

Our range allows you to choose any solution for your budget. But, mostly, are in demand used steel pipes as steel culvert pipe for road construction. This is a proven way to put water under the road, which ensures the stability of the road structure. If your project requires an individual solution and the pipe diameter is not standard, we can supply you with custom-made steel pipes.

Steel pipes have many advantages, that is why their application is so widespread. Now specifically about why they are so popular in the construction of road: high load capacity, easy and fast installation, easy to clean from garbage, pipes can be made in any length, it is possible to use used steel pipes.

Delivery and productionprogram

Quality of pipes: used, second choice, new and custom-made with individual size.
Outside diameter: from 200 mm to 2400 mm.
Wall thickness: from 4 mm to 20 mm.
Length: up to a maximum of 13.5 m.


With us, you do not have to worry about delivery. We deliver your order anywhere in Europe!

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