Steel pipes large diameter. Standard and custom sizes

Steel pipes large diameter MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER

Steel pipes large diameter from manufacturer, standard or customized size. If you’re looking for that, then you’ve hit our site right. But since 2020, the company S&H Imex is not only a dealer but also a large pipe manufacturer. We currently produce longitudinally welded steel tubes with a diameter of 500-2400 mm and sell them ourselves. Our modern and productive equipment, more precisely the roll bending machine, allows not only standard and mass production pipes (e.g. 508 mm, 610 mm, 711 mm..), but also to produce tubes of individual diameter (e.g. 690 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2350 mm). Company S & H Imex also offers steel plate rolling services and gives the flat metal a cylindrical shape according to your wishes and projects.

The many years of experience in the large diameter steel pipe trade, combined with the enthusiasm and energy of the second generation that came to the aid of the company founders, has enabled us to take such a logical, but at the same time serious and courageous step. We are full of strength and knowledge, ready for new challenges.

Application of steel pipes large diameter

In most cases, large diameter pipes are used for their main purpose – to transport liquids, gases and other substances over long distances. All other applications of such pipes are not so popular, but no less important for economy and industry. As we have already found out, pipelines are made from such pipes and can be used as well:

  • mast
  • pipes for steel construction
  • tubular steel towers
  • piling pipes for hydraulic engineering
  • cylinders and hulls
  • semi-finished products for tank storage, silos in agriculture and construction, pontones, pressure-free containers, rainwater systems
  • protective covers/protective pipes for pipeline construction
  • steel caissons
  • road bore casing
  • steel culvert pipes

Steel pipes large diameter. Production program

Diameter of the steel pipes: in standard sizes of the mass production DN500-DN1400 and custom sizes DN1500, DN1600, DN1700, DN1800, DN1900, DN2000, DN2100, DN2200, DN2300, DN2400.

Wall thickness: from (5) 6 mm to 20 mm.

Production type: submerged arc longitudinally welded.

Technical terms of delivery and dimensions: EN 10219-1, 2.

Dimension Standard & Static Values: EN 10219-1, 2.

Mill test certificate 3.1: EN 10204.

Materials / steel grades: S235, S355.

Table in PDF format with the basic parameters of our pipes: diameter, wall thickness and weight of the running meter.


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