Second choice of steel pipes or downgraded steel pipes

The second choice of steel pipes, downgraded steel pipes, and surplus – everyone is looking for it

The second choice of steel pipes or they are also as called downgraded steel pipes and a surplus, are the ideal solution for most construction companies. Their appearance is associated with various defects in production: the ovality does not correspond to first choice steel pipes, the diameter differs by a few millimeters from the standard, the weld has a hidden defect and has not passed the ultrasonic inspection, etc.

Yes, in 90% of cases, downgraded steel pipes do not have a quality certificate, but their physical properties fully meet the requirements of many projects. And what is important, visually they are very difficult to distinguish from the new pipes the first choice. Besides, second choice steel pipes are 15-30% cheaper than new ones and their steel grade is almost always known. This is why this product is the ideal solution for most companies. And modern project solutions enable widespread use of this type of steel products – more often than used steel pipes.

But there are always disadvantages. Since this solution is suitable for many companies, the demand for such goods is very high and they are simply bought up quickly. Our many years of experience in cooperation with steel pipe manufacturers, with construction and assembly organizations enables us to offer a good selection of declassed steel pipes and surplus. And by the way, there are not never many suppliers of steel pipes, because if something does not have one supplier, then it is possible to find at the other supplier.

Delivery program of the second choice steel pipes and downgraded pipes

Outside diameter: from 200 mm to 2400 mm.

Wall thickness: from 5 mm to 20 mm.

Processing type: longitudinal welded, spiral welded, seamless.


We also sell all our steel pipes with delivery. Send us your inquiries and we will choose the optimal transport and route. Maybe you need pipes for your project in Austria or France? It does not matter! We deliver anywhere in Europe. You have ordered, we have delivered.

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