Used steel pipes

Used steel pipes or new?

Many customers often doubt what to choose – used steel pipes or yet new. We will clarify this now.

Since the foundation of our company and until today, used steel pipes have occupied an important place in our pipe range. Although these pipes have been used in oil or gas pipelines before, they still have satisfactory properties for further applications. And the scope of such construction material is much wider than you can imagine. It is more limited to project requirements and bureaucracy than to the physical state of the pipes.

In about three out of four cases, using used metal pipes saves 40-50% of your budget. At the same time, the further use of such a metallurgical product instead of a new one also has an ecological effect on our planet. This means that these pipes are not processed into raw materials and that somewhere in the world around on the same amount of steel has been produced less. Finally, each stage, such as the processing of pipes into raw materials and the production of a new steel product, requires a certain amount of energy. All this has far from the best effect on the climate of our planet. Another small argument for the use of used metal pipes.

The current delivery program used steel pipes

Outside diameter: from 273 mm to 2420 mm

Wall thickness: from 4 mm to 20 mm

Processing type:

  • longitudinal welded
  • spiral welded
  • seamless
  • normal or thick walled


We sell mostly used steel pipes from the former gas pipelines. And after such use, all pipes are clean inside and have no signs of wear and no smell. As for appearance, any type of insulation is removed and the outer surface is cleaned on a special industrial machine. Well-cleaned pipes are the guarantee for further fast and high-quality processing: cutting, welding, sandblasting. Save the strength and nerves of your employees, use your budget rationally, and order used steel pipes with good quality from us. You will only look at a few pictures to ensure that the quality of our products matches the price.

And what about the delivery?

All our steel products are sold with delivery throughout Europe. And the managers of our company take care of the fast, safe and punctual delivery. The consignee only has to take care of unloading the pipes.

Since the delivery costs have a big impact on the final cost of the product, then we offer the best prices when loading the truck 21-22 tons.

So, if you are looking for used steel pipes in good condition, please send us your inquiry by e-mail to the address info(at) or simply contact us by phone +48 575 819 954. The rich experience of our company, the comprehensive technical Service and cooperation with various specialist companies allow us to solve your tasks in a short period of time and within your budget.

But why exactly are we? Because we have such advantages.

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